Universal Waste Handlers

There are two types of handlers of universal waste. The first type of handler is a person who generates, or creates, universal waste. For example, this may include a person who uses batteries, pesticides, thermostats, or lamps and who eventually decides that they are no longer usable. The second type of handler is a person who receives universal waste from other handlers, accumulates the waste, and then sends it on to other handlers, recyclers, or treatment or disposal facilities without performing the actual treatment, recycling, or disposal. This may include a person who collects batteries, pesticides, or thermostats from small businesses and sends the wastes to a recycling facility. The universal waste handler requirements depend on how much universal waste a handler accumulates at any one time. Small Quantity Handlers of Universal Waste

SQHUW accumulate <5000 kg (approximately 11,000 lb) of all universal waste categories combined at their location at any time. Accumulation time for universal wastes at any location is limited to one year. SQHUW are required to manage universal waste in a way that prevents releases to the environment. They must also immediately respond to releases of universal waste. They must distribute basic waste handling and emergency information to their employees to ensure that their staff are aware of proper handling and emergency procedures. Large Quantity Handlers of Universal Waste

LQHUW accumulate a total of 5000kg or more of universal waste at any time. The designation as an LQHUW is retained for the remainder of the calendar year in which the 5000-kg threshold was exceeded, and may be re-evaluated in the following calendar year. LQHUW must comply with the same requirements as SQHUW, as well as a few additional ones. They must also maintain basic records documenting shipments received at the facility and shipments sent from the facility, must obtain an U.S. EPA identification (ID) number, and must comply with stricter employee training requirements.

Waste Management And Control

Waste Management And Control

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