Typical Mechanical Properties of Nonferrous Slags


Nickel Slag

Copper Slag

Lead, Lead-Zinc, and Zinc Slags

Los Angeles abrasion loss (%) Sodium sulfate soundness loss (%) Angle of internal friction (°) Hardness

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Source: From Hughes, M.L. and Haliburton, T.A., Use of zinc smelter waste as highway construction material, Highway Research Record, 430, 16-25, 1973. Das, B.M., Tarquin A.J., and Jones, A.Q., Geotechnical properties of copper slag, Transportation Research Record, 941, National Research Board, Washington, DC, 1993.

Table 4.16 presents typical mechanical properties for nonferrous slags. Processed air-cooled and granulated copper and nickel slags have a number of favorable mechanical properties for aggregate use, including excellent soundness characteristics, good abrasion resistance, and good stability (high friction angle due to sharp, angular shape). However, nonferrous slags tend to be vitreous, or glassy, which adversely affects their frictional properties (skid resistance), a potential problem if used in pavement surfaces.

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