Types of Remediation Technology

The U.S. EPA's MTBE remediation projects employed primarily air sparging, SVE, MPE, bioremediation, ISCO, and pump-and-treat to remediate MTBE and other oxygenates in groundwater and soil. Some sites also used phytoremediation, PRBs, or in situ thermal treatment. Table 24.3 summarizes the number of projects that used each of these technologies, as well as the scale (full-scale, pilot-scale, or bench-scale) and status (completed or ongoing) of the projects reviewed, and the number of projects for which performance and cost data were available. Among the six technologies, air sparging, SVE, bioremediation, and pump-and-treat were used more frequently to remediate groundwater and soil contaminated with MTBE and other oxygenates, and MPE, ISCO, phytoremediation, PRBs, and thermal treatment were used less frequently. Nearly 25% of the projects have been completed, with the remaining 75% ongoing. Eighty percent of the projects provided some type of performance data, and more than 30% provided cost data. Performance and cost data were provided most often for projects using air sparging, bioremediation, and pump-and-treat.

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