Types of Projects Used in Air Sparging Treatment of Oxygenates

Most of the 123 air sparging projects were conducted at full scale (120 projects) and were ongoing (104 projects) at the time the profile was prepared. In addition, while most (87) of the projects used air sparging alone or in conjunction with SVE, 36 projects supplemented air sparging treatment with pump-and-treat or other technologies, such as MPE, bioremediation, free product recovery, and ISCO.

The 123 air sparging projects primarily used vertical wells; three projects reported use of horizontal wells. Of 69 projects for which information about the number of air sparging wells was available, 48 used 2-8 wells per project, with a range of 1-30 wells. One project identified an ROI of 8.23 m (27ft). Three projects reported continuous airflow, two reported pulsed flow, and the remainder provided no information on the type of airflow. Of the 74 projects that used air sparging with SVE, the number of SVE wells used ranged from 1 to 23 wells per project, with 30 projects in the range of 2-5 wells per project. Four of these 74 projects reported the type of air emission treatment used, with two reporting use of GAC, one of catalytic oxidation, and one of thermal oxidation.1

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