First third rule (53 FR 31138)

Third third rule (55 FR 22520)

Phase II rule (59 FR 47980)

Phase IV rule (62 FR 25998)

California list rule Second third rule Phase I rule Phase III rule

(52 FR 25760) (54 FR 26594) (57 FR 37194) (61 FR 15565)

FIGURE 12.7 Significant LDR rulemakings. (Adapted from U.S. EPA, RCRA Orientation Manual, www. epa.gov/waste/inforesources/pubs/orientat/rom1.pdf.)

first treatment standards were promulgated, the LDR program has continually evolved. U.S. EPA has finished establishing treatment standards for all existing, newly identified, and newly listed wastes based on two rulemaking schedules (Thirds and Phases) in May 26, 1998 (Figure 12.7). It now promulgates the LDR treatment standards for a waste whenever a waste is initially identified or listed. Additional information can be found in Ref. 12.

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