SVE at Creek and Davidson Site G Service Station California

A full-scale cleanup was performed using SVE to treat MTBE and benzene from a UST leak at a service station in California. Soil at the site consists of 3 m (10 ft) of clay overlying sand and gravel. The SVE system consisted of five vapor extraction wells and a 19.8m3/min (700ft3/min) vacuum system. Thermal oxidation was used for off-gas treatment. After 2.2 years of SVE operation, the concentration of MTBE in the groundwater (measured in 11 monitoring wells) was reduced from as high as 8900 to 21 ^g/L and the concentration of benzene was reduced from 670 to 0.5 ^g/L (both more than 99% reductions). The thermal oxidizer destroyed greater than 95% of the VOCs in the off-gases, and remediation at the site is reported to be complete. As of June 2003, the cost data available depict a total remediation cost of USD140,000.31

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