Soil Depressurization

The next four sections contain details for a deeper understanding of radon-resistant construction issues. The four major topics are

2. Mechanical barriers

3. Site evaluation

4. Planned mechanical systems.

In theory, the application of radon barriers should be adequate to avoid elevated radon levels in houses. In practice, however, a backup radon mitigation system has been found essential for maintaining indoor radon concentrations below 4 pCi/L in most homes studied. In the recent radon-resistant residential construction projects conducted by U.S. EPA and/or private builders, several of the homes designed to be radon resistant have contained radon concentrations above 4 pCi/L. In each of those houses, a backup system consisting of an active (fan-assisted), or passive (wind-and-stack-effect-assisted), SSD system was installed at the time of construction. When mechanical barriers failed to adequately control radon, the soil depressurization methods were made operational.

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