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The SDWA protects the nation's drinking water supply by establishing national drinking water standards (maximum concentration limits, MCLs, or specific treatment techniques) and by regulating underground injection control (UIC) wells.26 The UIC program bans some types of underground disposal of RCRA hazardous wastes. With some exceptions, other materials cannot be injected underground without a UIC permit.

The major interactions between RCRA and SDWA include the following2:

1. MCLs may be adopted by the RCRA program as cleanup standards for corrective action. Selected MCLs are also used under the RCRA groundwater monitoring program for land disposal units.

2. RCRA also contains provisions parallel to SDWA that prohibit the underground injection of hazardous wastes, unless such wastes have been treated to meet their respective LDR treatment standards. RCRA also contains a ban on any injection of hazardous waste into "shallow" wells.

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