Regulatory Requirements

Transporters of hazardous waste must comply with both U.S. EPA and DOT regulations. The RCRA regulations require a transporter to2

1. Obtain a U.S. EPA ID number

2. Comply with the manifest system

3. Properly handle hazardous waste discharges.

During the normal course of transportation, transporters may hold waste temporarily (for up to 10 days) at a transfer facility.

Transporters of hazardous waste may also be subject to RCRA generator or storage facility requirements (e.g., if the transporter stores waste at a transfer facility for more than 10 days or imports hazardous waste into the United States).

12.6.3 Treatment, Storage, and Disposal Facilities

TSDFs are the last link in the cradle-to-grave hazardous waste management system. The requirements for TSDFs are more extensive than the standards for generators and transporters. They include general facility operating standards, as well as standards for the various types of units in which hazardous waste is managed. General facility standards address good management practices for any facility engaged in hazardous waste management. The technical standards go beyond these requirements to ensure that all elements of the TSDF are constructed and operated to prevent leaks of hazardous waste into the environment. The technical standards also address the diversity of hazardous waste operations being conducted around the country by guiding facilities in the proper design, construction, operation, maintenance, and closure of a variety of hazardous waste treatment, storage, and disposal units. These unit standards include requirements for a wide range of hazardous waste management units, from containers to landfills, in order to ensure that these units handle waste safely and effectively.

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