Regulated Transporters

A hazardous waste transporter is any person engaged in the off-site transportation of hazardous waste within the United States, if such transportation requires a manifest. Off-site transportation of hazardous waste includes shipments from a hazardous waste generator's facility property to another facility for treatment, storage, or disposal. Regulated off-site transportation includes shipments of hazardous waste by air, rail, highway, or water.

Transporter regulations apply only to the off-site transport of hazardous waste. They do not apply to the on-site transportation of hazardous waste within a facility's property or boundary. "On-site" refers to geographically contiguous properties, even if the properties are separated by a public road. Consequently, a facility may ship wastes between two properties without becoming subject to the hazardous waste transporter regulations, provided that the properties are contiguous.

Transporter requirements do apply to shipments between noncontiguous properties that require travel on public roads. Examples of such on-site transportation include generators and TSDFs transporting waste within their facilities, or on their own property.

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