Regulated Generators

The RCRA regulations broadly define the term "generator" to include any person, by site, who first creates or produces a hazardous waste (e.g., from an industrial process) or first brings a hazardous waste into the RCRA system (e.g., imports a hazardous waste into the United States).

Because generators are the first step in the RCRA system, it is important that they properly classify and identify their waste to ensure proper handling later in the hazardous waste management process.

Hazardous waste generators may include various types of facilities and businesses ranging from large manufacturing operations, universities, and hospitals to small businesses and laboratories. Because these different types of facilities generate different volumes of wastes resulting in varying degrees of environmental risk, RCRA regulates generators based on the amount of waste that they generate in a calendar month. As a result, there are three categories of hazardous waste generators:2,9

1. LQGs

2. Small quantity generators (SQGs)


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