Ozone Sparging at Former Service Station Bucks County Pennsylvania

At a former service station located in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, remediation needed to be completed within 9 months to facilitate the sale of the property. The cleanup approach used ozone sparging, pump-and-treat, MPE, and SVE to treat MTBE. Free product was removed prior to performing ozone sparging. The sparging system consisted of multiple, nested sparge wells in a treatment area of 54.9 m by 45.8 m (180 ft by 150 ft), and used an ozone dosage of 1.13 kg (2.5 lb/d) at standard 3.4 m3/h (2 scfm) over a 4-month period. MTBE concentrations in groundwater were reduced from 17,000 to 31 ^g/L, which was below the cleanup level of 2900 ^g/L. The total cost reported for treatment was USD146,000, consisting of USD90,000 for capital and USD56,000 for O&M.31

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