Outline of the RCRA

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Subtitle Provisions

A General provisions

B OSW; authorities of the Administrator and Interagency Coordinating Committee

C Hazardous waste management

D State or regional solid waste plans

E Duties of the Secretary of Commerce in resource and recovery

F Federal responsibilities

G Miscellaneous provisions

H Research, development, demonstration, and information

I Regulation of USTs

J Standards for the tracking and management of medical waste

Source: Adapted from U.S. EPA, RCRA Orientation Manual, www.epa.gov/waste/inforesources/ pubs/orientat/roml.pdf.

Today, the Act consists of 10 subtitles (Table 12.1). Subtitles A, B, E, F, G, H, and J outline general provisions; authorities of the Administrator; duties of the Secretary of Commerce; federal responsibilities; miscellaneous provisions; research, development, demonstration, and information requirements; and medical waste tracking. Other subtitles lay out the framework for the three major programs that comprise RCRA Subtitle C (the hazardous waste management program), Subtitle D (the solid waste program), and Subtitle I [the underground storage tank (UST) program].

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