Nitrogenous Compounds

The diverse nitrogenous compounds group is composed of substances that have in common the substitution of one or more nitrogen-containing functional groups for hydrogen in the structure. Amines are derivatives of ammonia and contain a nitrogen atom bonded to at least one carbon atom. Nitrosamines are amines with a nitro (-NO2) functional group; two are aliphatic (dimethylnitrosamine and di-n-propyl nitrosamine) and one is aromatic (diphenylnitrosamine). The two benzidines and 1,2-diphenyl hydrazine are aromatic amines. Acrylonitrile contains the nitrile (-CN) functional group. Adsorption is a significant process for all four of the aromatic amines; hydrolysis is not. Compounds in the group are generally not amenable to biodegradation. Acrylonitrile, however, is readily mineralized by anaerobic denitrifying bacteria.

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