MPE at Sparks Solvent Fuel Site Sparks Nevada

Since 1995, the sparks solvent/fuel site located in Sparks, Nevada, a remediation system consisting of MPE, air sparging, and SVE, has been operational. The treatment system consists of 29 MPE wells, an oil-water separator, and a fluidized bed bioreactor, with an influent flow rate of 23.3 L/s (370 gpm) and a retention time of 8 min. Vapors are sent through a condenser, followed by a thermal oxidizer, before its release to the atmosphere. Condensate is sent back through the oil-water separator. Performance data, available for the first 650 days of site operation, showed a reduction in MTBE concentration across the bioreactor from 2400 to 55 ^g/L. No data were provided for reduction of MTBE concentrations in the aquifer.51

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