Flowable Fill Test Procedures


Strength development


Hardening time Bleeding and shrinkage

Unit weight Bearing strength Shear strength

Corrosion resistance

Test Method Specification

Unconfined compressive strength of cohesive soil ASTM D2166

Unconfined compressive strength index of chemical-grouted soils ASTM D4219

Slump of portland cement concrete ASTM C143

Flow of grout for preplaced aggregate (flow cone method) ASTM C939

Time of setting of concrete mixtures by penetration resistance ASTM C403

Change in height at early ages of cylindrical specimens from ASTM C827 cementitious mixtures

Unit weight, yield, and air content of concrete ASTM C138

California Bearing Ratio (CBR) of laboratory-compactive soils ASTM D1883

Unconsolidated undrained compressive strength of cohesive soils ASTM D2850

in triaxial compression

Direct shear test of soils under consolidated drained conditions ASTM D3080

pH of soil for use in corrosion testing ASTM G51

Field measurement of soil resistivity using the Wenner ASTM G57

four-electrode method

Optimum SO3 in portland cement ASTM C563

sand. Special measures may be required to control the early contact water leachate (containing phenols) from spent foundry sand stockpiles. The construction of an impervious pad (to collect surface moisture or precipitation passing through the stockpile) and subsequent filtration (through an activated carbon filter) of the leachate has reportedly been effective in limiting the phenol concentration of the discharge.

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