Fentons Chemistry at Warehousing Facility in Union City New Jersey

The groundwater at an operating warehousing facility in Union, New Jersey was contaminated with MTBE (concentrations up to 6400 ^g/L), TBA, and BTEX. Soil at the site consists of soft red shales interbedded with harder sandstones and minor amounts of conglomerate. After completing a pilot study, hydrogen peroxide and catalysts were injected at six points during three treatment cycles over a 3-month period in mid-1996 (each cycle consisted of 15 days with injection followed by 15 days without injection). MTBE concentrations in groundwater were reduced to <5^g/L, which was below the cleanup level of 70 pg/L. Rebound was evaluated 4 months after the treatment was completed; results remained below the cleanup level. There was no current cost data provided for this site.31

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