Federal Insecticide Fungicide and Rodenticide

The FIFRA provides procedures for the registration of pesticide products to control their introduction into the marketplace. As such, its regulatory focus is different from most of the statutes discussed in this chapter. While the other statutes attempt to minimize and manage waste by-products at the end of the industrial process, FIFRA controls whether (and how) certain products are manufactured or sold in the first place.

FIFRA23 imposes a system of pesticide product registrations. Such requirements include pre-market review of potential health and environmental effects before a pesticide can be introduced in the United States, reregistration of products introduced prior to the enactment of FIFRA to assess their safety in light of current standards, and classification of pesticides for restricted or general use. Restricted products can be used only by those whose competence has been certified by a state program.

The major interactions between RCRA and FIFRA include the following2:

1. FIFRA controls limit the level of toxic pesticides that are produced, and thereby reduce the amount of waste that needs to be managed under RCRA.

2. FIFRA requires the registration of pesticides and disinfectants used in medical waste treatment technologies.

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