Development and Implementation Started on a Plan to Reduce Wastes and Increase Production Efficiency


Organize seminar to present the results of the waste audit and its evaluation and tangible waste reductions achieved so far to plant management and to draft waste reduction plan Establish a monitoring program to run alongside the waste reduction plan to facilitate measurement of actual improvements Establish an internal waste charging system (cost centres at each waste-generating location) Establish training program for:

1. Managerial and supervisory staff

2. Technical staff

3. Plan operations

Establish a database on waste discharges, resource use, and reduction of waste production and resource consumption

Source: From UNIDO, Project Document, United Nations Industrial Development Organization, Industrial Sectors and Environment Division, Vienna, Austria, April 1995.

Recognizing the need to prevent pollution and minimize waste, governments, through their environmental protection agencies, should continue their catalytic role to promote, (with industry, research organizations and other relevant institutions) the establishment of a network that will allow the transfer of environmental protection technology.

The United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) defines "cleaner production" as "the conceptual and procedural approach to production that demands that all phases of the life-cycle of products must be addressed with the objective of the prevention or minimization of short- and long-term risks to humans and the environment. A total societal commitment is required for effecting this comprehensive approach to achieving the goal of sustainable societies."9

The UNIDO program links existing sources of information on low and nonwaste technologies and promotes cleaner production worldwide through four primary activities: the International

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