Costs of SVE Treatment of MTBE

Project cost data were reported for 24 of the 138 SVE projects in the dataset. In most cases, the components that make up the project costs were not reported. However, it is likely that these incorporate different components, such as treatment, monitoring, design, oversight, and health and safety. The median reported total cost for all SVE projects was approximately USD206,000, with most projects having a total cost between USD100,000 and USD400,000.

The unit cost of SVE was reported in one literature source as ranging from USD13 to USD52 (USD10-USD40/yd3) of soil treated. This source identified the cost of SVE as generally better than the average of the costs for remediation technologies for treatment of contaminated soil.34

In another source, the unit cost of SVE ranged from USD78 to USD458 (USD60 to nearly USD350/yd3) of soil for projects treating <7650 m3 (10,000 yd3) of soil to <USD6.5 (USD5/yd3) for projects treating >7650m3 (10,000yd3) of soil. This source also identified the unit cost as ranging from USD660 (USD300) to >USD22,000/kg (USD10,000/lb) of contaminant removed for projects where up to 1362 kg (3000 lb) of contaminant mass were removed, to <USD33/kg (USD15/lb) of contaminant removed for projects where larger quantities were removed.33 These unit cost ranges represent treatment costs for the use of SVE in general and are not specific to its use for treatment of MTBE.

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