In comparison to the iron-making and steel-making process, wastes generation from refining processes are very small, including solid wastes from the ladle metallurgy facility, argon bubbling APC dust and nozzle blockages. The major byproducts of continuous casting are scale and sludge.

2.6.3 Treatment Techniques

Certain refining processes, including ladle metallurgy, generate particulate emissions. These emissions are typically collected in baghouses as air pollution control dust. Standard treatment for vacuum degassing wastewater includes processing the total recirculating flow or a portion of the flow in clarifiers for TSS removal, cooling with mechanical draft cooling towers, and high-rate recycle. Blowdowns are usually cotreated with steel-making or continuous casting wastewaters for metals removal.15 Cooling wastewater treatment includes settling basins (scale pits) for scale recovery, oil skimmers, mixed- or single-media filtration, and high-rate recycle.15

The air pollution control dusts from refining are nonhazardous and may be processed, recycled, or landfilled. Scale settling basins are provided for periodic collection of scale generated during casting and subsequently wash off from the steel. Fine-grained solids that do not settle out in the scale settling basins are removed by settling, flocculation/clarification processes, or by filtration, depending on the level of water treatment required and the degree of water recycle practiced. The scale is usually recycled and reused within the mill for sintering. Scale may also be landfilled or even charged to an electric arc furnace. Sludge generated during continuous casting is processed and recycled onsite or landfilled.1

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