WWTP of Messolonghion

The installations of Messolonghion are located near the torrent of Koukos, North of Kleisova lagoon. The area covered by installations is about 1 ha. The altitude is 0.8 m and geographical continents are N 38°22 08 and E 21°2731 in HATT system.

The treated wastewaters are drained into the torrent of Koukos, which terminates in the Kleisova lagoon, which in connected to the Patras Gulf.

The WWTP has been designed to serve 16,000 people with the future extension capacity by 50% with a mean daily production 4.630 m3/day. The treatment method applied consists of active sludge subjected to continuous aeration, nitrification-denitrification and dephosphoration.

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