Using Numerical Modeling for Assessment of Pollution Probability of Drinking Water Resources in Borjomi Region Southern Georgia

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George I. Melikadze, Tamaz Chelidze, Natalia Zhukova, Peter Malik, and Tomas Vitvar

Abstract Borjomi mineral waters field is a source of famous mineral water, which is exported to dozens of countries and forms a significant part of budget of Georgia. Currently, in connection with construction of Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline by British Petroleum (BP), serious concerns arise with respect to vulnerability of water supply of the city of Borjomi to possible oil spills related to operation of the pipeline. In this paper, we consider mainly the interaction between surface water and groundwater of the Bakuriani-Borjomi lava flow and the possibility of their pollution with hydrocarbons in case of oil spilling. In order to define the possible pollution propagation, we apply stable isotope technology and other modern hydro-geophysical methods that we have created.

Keywords Water resources • Numerical model • Pollution • Georgia

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