The Global Climate Change Impact on Water Resources of Armenia

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Anahit Adanalyan and Suren Gevorgyan

Abstract The global climate change impact on water resources of Armenia is shortly reviewed. The mountainous character of Armenia causes the great differentiation in landscape types, as well as geological characteristics, climate, soils and water resources. The present day Armenia is disposed to significant ecological risks and becomes a country which economy is based on the intensive use of natural resources which eco security vulnerability is continually increasing. It is noted that the strategy of ecological security is based on the defensive, adaptation, cooperative and other approaches but the country needs to have ecological security concept based on the ecological ideology in beforehand. We highlighted in this presentation that the reduction of water reserves will coincide with the growth of the demand on water resources, since due to the climatic peculiarities namely due to the high air temperature the households will require more potable water and the needs of agriculture in irrigation water supplies will increase. Corresponding risk assessments are preliminary evaluated and some possible recommendations to be done are presented.

Keywords Climate change • Water resources • Water-deficit-risk assessment

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