Regulation of Cyanobacteria in Large Open Water Reservoirs

Rashid A. Khaydarov, Renat R. Khaydarov, and Olga Gapurova

Abstract This paper introduces a novel method for controlling of the cyanobacteria concentration in open water reservoirs during periods of global warming. The technology is based on usage of nanophotocatalysts made from nanocarbon-metal composition with titanium as the metal. Under the natural ultraviolet radiation, the nanophotocatalysts form OH-radicals in water that destroy cyanobacteria. Field tests in natural water revealed it to be efficient with low consumption of nanocom-positions (about 10 g/ha or 50 l of aqueous solution of the nanocomposition with the concentration of 200 mg/l), OH-radicals formed only in the upper water layers where cyanobacteria grow, and nanocompositions coagulate and precipitate harmless water-insoluble particles within the first day.

Keywords Climate change • Global warming • Cyanobacteria • Water purification • Carbon nanoparticle

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