Regional Climate Changes in Kyrgyzstan Impact of Natural and Anthropogenic Factors

Kazimir A. Karimov and Razia D. Gainutdinova

Abstract The results of long-term researches of the atmosphere temperature changes above middle latitudes of Central Asia region and the causes of climatic changes in atmospheric parameters considering man caused and natural factors are presented. In recent years global temperature has sharply dropped by 0.6°C, compensating the temperature increase by 0.6-0.7°C in the 100 previous years. The restoration of the equilibrium is an indirect confirmation of solar factor influence on the Earth's climate. Recently detected tendencies of temperature increase and small decrease of its average values in Kyrgyzstan, do not promote water inflow increase in mountain rivers, enhancing a water resources deficit in future in Central Asia.

Keywords Climate changes • Warming • Temperature • Atmosphere • Ocean • Solar activity • Model • Prognosis

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