Materials and Methods 3221 Research Site

The physical location of the research site is situated around the vicinity of the biological waste treatment station of Messolongi, adjacent to the torrent of "Koukos" and north of the lagoon of "Kleisova". The demarcation of the area includes to the west the eastern city limits of Messolongi, to the north it extends to the Highway Antirio - Ioannina, to the east it reaches the west bank of the river Evinos, and lastly to the south it runs parallel to the shoreline of the lagoon "Kleisove" and ends at the mouth of the river in Patras Bay. The Messolonghion, Greece area is shown in (Fig. 32.1a). The research site is divided in the following zones:

1. PP2 region, area 2,502.4 ha

3. PF2V area, 237 ha

These zones are shown in Fig. 32.1b. The remaining area covers 992.2 ha, while the overall area of the present study is 3,820.5 ha. The PF2V, PF2G and regions are areas characterized as nature conservation in land area.

The PP2, which has been characterized as an approved peripheral zone, is located outside of the approved general development plan and outside the demarcated settlements of less than 2,000 inhabitants.

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