Impacts of Climate Elements on Groundwater 1331 Total Water Balance

The total water balance (excluding water resources of transboundary rivers) in Azerbaijan are: precipitation - 427 mm (3,696 km3); and river discharge - 119 mm (10.31 km3) which consists of 69 mm (5.96 km3) of a direct run-off and 50 mm (4.35 km3) of a groundwater run-off. The average long-term drainage modulus is 3.78 l/s per km2 (drainage coefficient - 0.28). The total evaporation is 308 mm

(26.66 km3) [4, 3]. Over the whole territory, the evaporation is twice more than discharge and it is significant factor in a predictive modeling of climate change impacts' on groundwater resources [1].

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