Impacts of Climate Change on Groundwater Resources Review of a Case Study in Azerbaijan

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Rauf G. Israfilov and Yusif H. Israfilov

Abstract Groundwater and surface water are the sources of water supply in Azerbaijan. The hydroeconomic balance of Azerbaijan is characterized by annual and seasonal deficits arising from the implementation of hydroeconomic measures for increasing the water supply to different branches of the national economy. When almost all available surface water resources are involved in the national economical production, the optimal use of aquifers' fresh groundwater resources are currently playing pivotal role. That is the reason that the interest in the impacts of climate change on groundwater resources in Azerbaijan has developed greatly. This paper examines the scientific and technical aspects of evaluating the fresh ground-water resources formation in the hydrogeological structures, such as deposits in the mountainous regions, foothill and intermountain plains. It also investigates the role of the climatic factors and impacts of climate change on groundwater resources.

Keywords Groundwater resources • Aquifers • Azerbaijan • Mountainous regions • Foothill and intermountain plains • Impact of climate change • Water balance

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