Hydropower Generation

Two major hydropower plants (Thissavros and Platanovrissi) were constructed in the Greek part of the Nestos river basin and their characteristics are shown in Fig. 10.5. A third dam (Temenos) is under consideration (Fig. 10.5).

Fig. 10.4 Geographical location and local characteristics of the Mesta/Nestos river basin

One of the main uses of these dams is the exploitation of hydropower. Since the fuel of a hydro-power plant is water, the management of its water resources is essential for the optimisation of the plant's operation in order to meet power and water demands while increasing overall operating efficiency [11]. Hydropower exploitation has many beneficial characteristics mainly because it is renewable and can quickly satisfy peak demands for energy [12]. The dams also store water for the irrigation of agricultural land located at the river's delta.

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