Geomorphology Tectonics and Seismicity

The broader region includes metalpine, alpine formations, and deposits. The alpine formations belong to the Ionian zone, with the exception of the limestone mass "Varasova": to the east of the lagoon, which belongs to the Zone of "Gavrovo". Specifically for the study however, what concerns us mostly is the geomorphology of the delta region of Evinos. Faults and tectonic lines follow the general direction NW - SE of Pindos Mountains. An exception to the transverse trend is the axis of lakes Lysimachia and Trichonis. The system of lagoons "Aitolikou - Messolongi" is the result of tectonic faults. The eastern and north-east coast of the system is determined by fault direction NNW - SSE whereas a fault parallel to this passes through the islands of the West Coast. The area of study

Fig. 32.1 (a) Messolonghion area generally (b) Messolonghion study area (• WWTP Messolonghion)

(lagoon of Mesolonghi - Etoliko - Kleisova) as well as most of the surrounding area is located in high seismic risk Zone III according to the Greece's the Seismic Risk Zones map. This is because this region is adjacent to seismically active areas of Ionion.

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