Future of Water Resources and Wastewater Reuse in Turkey

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Idil Arslan-Alaton, Ayfen Turkman, and Derin Orhon

Abstract Having a water potential of 1,500 m3/capita-year, Turkey cannot be classified as a water rich country. It is estimated that in 2030 the population will reach 100 million and consequently the water potential will drop down to 1,000 m3/ capita-year. Considering the predictions about regional and global climate change trends these figures obviously indicate a probable water scarcity in the nearest future and the importance of efficient wastewater reuse in Turkey. In Turkey, waste-water reuse for irrigation purposes was done in the past by direct use or after mixing with river water. But, recently, more conscious wastewater reuse applications are practiced, considering the predictions and protection of water resources from pollution. In this paper, a general view of current water resources and wastewater reuse activities in Turkey are given. Also the future predictions and planned activities are mentioned.

Keywords Wastewater treatment • Water reuse • Turkey • Water resources • Agricultural irrigation

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