Final Remarks

The analysis of the evolution of water resources with expected future climatic changes is of high importance for the planning and management in the future. The application of modelling to predict the evolution of the Escusa (Castelo de Vide) aquifer with four different climatic change scenarios defined by the Hadley Centre for Climate Prediction and Research resulted in different predictions but with the common conclusion: With changes in all the analysed scenarios, all the simulations show a decline in the discharge rates of the aquifer groundwater. Other important conclusion is that the discharge rates per month change and sometimes it is possible to have an increment of the discharges in the first half of the year and a reduction in the second half of the year. Some scenarios affect the water resources and the environment more than others. One can also benefit from the water storage in the dry period of the year, even if it causes a reduction in the aquifer recharge rates.

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