Data Requirements

A climate change impact study on groundwater resources requires in addition to the basic groundwater flow modeling input data, observed climate data recorded at relevant meteorological stations and future climate data in the form of GCM projections. Climate data of particular interest are precipitation, temperature and evaporation measurements, which are used in the estimation of groundwater recharge. On the other hand, basic groundwater flow modeling data requirements include but are not limited to the hydrostratigraphy, hydraulic conductivity distribution, storage coefficients, water table or piezometric surface measurements, surface water gauging data, spring flow rates, production well pumping rates, recharge and evapotranspiration rates of the studied area. The latter two are key parameters for groundwater impact studies as they are often the most significant components of the basin's water budget. In semi-arid and arid regions, evapotranspiration becomes a more pronounced component of the water budget. Ultimately, the future change in groundwater recharge and evapotranspiration causes the alteration of groundwater levels and fluxes within a basin.

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