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1 Resilience Analysis of Climate Change Effects on Water Quality and Health 1

Mustafa M. Aral

2 Implications of Climate Change on Water Security in the Mediterranean Region 9

3 Climate Change Effects on Ecosystem Services in the United

States - Issues of National and Global Security 17

Michael J. Friedel

4 Climate Change Mitigation with Renewable

Energy: Geothermal 25

Alper Baba

5 Climate Change and Water Resources - Challenge of Our Civilisation 35

Zbynek Hrkal

6 Impacts of Decreasing Recharge Rates on Sustainable Groundwater Management 43

Hasan Yazicigil, Koray K. Yilmaz, Burcu Unsal Erdemli, and Ozlem Yagbasan

7 A Model for Integrated Water Resources Management in Water-Scarce Regions: Minimization of the Impacts of Groundwater Exploitation on Society and the Environment 51

Nava Haruvy and Sarit Shalhevet

8 Assessing the Impact of Climate Change on Groundwater

Resources Using Groundwater Flow Models 63

Alper Elçi

9 Management of Karst Aquifers Under Climate Change:

Implications for Sustainable Use 77

Mehmet Ekmekci and Levent Tezcan

10 Impact of Climate Change on Hydropower Generation and Irrigation: A Case Study from Greece 87

Jacques Ganoulis and Charalampos Skoulikaris

11 Analysis of Climate Change Effects on Floods Frequency

Through a Continuous Hydrological Modelling 97

Luca Brocca, Stefania Camici, Angelica Tarpanelli, Florisa Melone, and Tommaso Moramarco

12 Potential Impacts of Climate Change on Turkish Water

Resources: A Review 105

Koray K. Yilmaz and Hasan Yazicigil

13 Impacts of Climate Change on Groundwater Resources:

Review of a Case Study in Azerbaijan 115

Rauf G. Israfilov and Yusif H. Israfilov

14 The Global Climate Change Impact on Water

Resources of Armenia 123

Anahit Adanalyan and Suren Gevorgyan

15 Regional Climate Changes in Kyrgyzstan: Impact of Natural and Anthropogenic Factors 131

Kazimir A. Karimov and Razia D. Gainutdinova

16 Manufactured Nanoparticles: A New Threat to the Security of Some Groundwater Supplies? 139

John H. Tellam

17 Regulation of Cyanobacteria in Large Open

Water Reservoirs 147

Rashid A. Khaydarov, Renat R. Khaydarov, and Olga Gapurova

18 Risk Characterization of Contaminated Water Pathways and Toxicity Determination 157

Namik M. Rashydov

19 Improved Methods for Conducting the Cadastre of Meliorative Condition in Irrigated Areas Subject to Climate Change 167

Rakhimdjan K. Ikramov, A.M. Samiev, and V. Muhtarova

Contents xi

20 Trends of Irrigation Development in the Kyrgyz Republic within the Context of Climate Change 175

Rafael G. Litvak, E.I. Nemaltseva, and I.V. Poddubnaya

21 Groundwater Evapotranspiration - Underestimated Role of Tree Transpiration and Bare Soil Evaporation in Groundwater Balances of Dry Lands 183

Maciek W. Lubczynski

22 Modeling Water Stress Effect on Soil Salinity 191

Gokmen Tayfur

23 Climate Changes in Republic of Macedonia 203

Suzana Alcinova Monevska

24 Water Governance in Bulgarian Agriculture 215

Hrabrin Bachev

25 Influence of Climate Change on Shallow Groundwater Resources: The Link Between Precipitation and Groundwater

Levels in Alluvial Systems 225

Orhan Gunduz and Celalettin Simsek

26 Evaluation of Four Climate Changes Scenarios on Groundwater Resources of the Escusa (Castelo De Vide)

Aquifer, Central Portugal 235

José Paulo Monteiro and Antonio Chambel

27 Classification of Groundwater Quality Based on Variability of Hydrogeochemical Environment 247

Jaroslaw Kania, Stanislaw Witczak, and Kazimierz Rozanski

28 Climate Change and the Hydrogeologic Framework in Constanta City, South Dobrogea, Romania 259

Glicherie Caraivan, Irina Dinu, Costina Fulga, and Daniela Popescu

29 Using Numerical Modeling for Assessment of Pollution Probability of Drinking Water Resources in Borjomi

Region (Southern Georgia) 267

George I. Melikadze, Tamaz Chelidze, Natalia Zhukova, Peter Malik, and Tomas Vitvar

Modeling of the Tbilisi (Georgia) Geothermal Deposit Under Climate Change Conditions

Nino Kapanadze, George I. Melikadze, and Genadi Kobzev

31 Future of Water Resources and Wastewater

Reuse in Turkey 285

Idil Arslan-Alaton, Ay§en Turkman, and Derin Orhon

32 Reuse of Urban Wastewater in Environmentally Protected Areas: The Case Studies of Messolonghion

Lagoon, Greece 293

Ioannis K. Kalavrouziotis and Dimitrios Kalfountzos

ARW Organizing Committee 303

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