Electrochemically synthesized NCMC(Ti) colloidal solutions are highly efficient photocatalysts. Photodegradations of MeO can be done at NCMC(Ti) concentration of about 1 ug/l. The time of MeO degradation in the pH interval of 1-4.4 under a UV lamp is about 3-5 min and under sunlight is 2-3 h. This nanocomposition destroys cyanobacteria in water under the UV lamp in 8-10 min and under sunlight in 3-4 h. Under field test conditions, the consumption of nanocompositions is low (about 10 g/ha or 50 l of aqueous solution of the nanocomposition at a concentration of 200 mg/l); OH-radicals formed in the upper water layers where cyanobacteria grow; nanocompositions coagulate precipitating harmless water-insoluble particles within 1 day; and the transparency of water increased from 10 to 1,500 mm within 2 days. This new approach will provide a means to cope with cyanobacteria blooms occurring in response to global warming.

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