Climate Change Impact on the Water Resources

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According to climate change vulnerability assessment for water resources sector, reduction of outflows in the country is primarily caused by the climate change (Fig. 23.2) [9]. Current overall annual water demand is 2.3 x 106 m3 mil and projected for the year 2020 is 3.5 x 106 m3. On the other hand, developed scenarios for climate change impact on the water resources indicate that;

• Groundwater recharge for Vardar River catchment would continuously decrease in the future reaching about 57.6% of the current recharge quantity in 2100

• Annual discharges for the rivers Vardar, Treska and Bregalnica would show decreasing trend

• Eastern part of the country shall experience more severe and longer water deficiency than the western part. The predicted average reduction in water availability for year 2100 for Bregalnica river basin is almost 24%, while it is 7% for Treska river basin and

• The overall water availability in the country (Vardar river basin) for year 2100 is expected to be reduced by 18% (estimate ranging from 13 to 23%) (Table 23.7) [9].

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