Climate Change Assessment

Anomalies in the long-term monitoring data (1935-2006) of the climate parameters in Azerbaijan are not identified yet. As such this fact should be taken into account when making future groundwater resources protection.

By the National Climate Change Centre of Azerbaijan, to calculate climate change impacts on water resources, the following scenarios had been used: increase of annual air temperature by 4.8-5.3°C and annual precipitation by 6-12% and an increase of annual air temperature by 4.2-4.4°C and annual precipitation by 1-4% [2].

Taking into account changes of air temperature and precipitation, the regional groundwater flow models with different climate change scenarios improves the understanding of the relationship between hydrogeology and climate change, predicts changes in groundwater resources and assists pro-active decision making. For the detail analysis and developing prediction models for optimization of the use of groundwater aquifer resources and deterioration of their quality, it is extremely necessary to get additional relevant field data. This will give possibility for practical use of the obtained results and it is a significant help for a national economic development strategy.

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