ultraviolet B radiation 25 underground injection 42-43, 212-213.

See also geologic sequestration UNFCC. See United Nations Framework

Convention on Climate Change United Nations Climate Change Conference 239c

United Nations Framework Convention on

Climate Change (UNFCC) 22, 48, 91 United States 186-203, 187 Alaska 201-203 carbon footprint 118 carbon sequestration 48 carbon sinks 34, 88 farming practices and climate change mitigation 74 Midwest 192-195

modeling of carbon emissions 58-59 National Wildlife Refuge system

158-166, 161 Northeast 186-189 ozone depletion 26 Pacific Northwest 199-201 soil freezing in 206 Southeast 189-192, 191 West 196-198 United States National Assessment on the Potential Consequences of Climate Variability and Change 225-226, 237c urban areas cement production and CO2 35 climate solutions for 137-138 dangers of climate change 128-138 northeastern U.S. 188-189 sea-level rise and 129-133, 130 urban heat island effect 132, 134-138,

193-194 Utah 217-219

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