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FederalFundingPrograms (Ffp) was created, to help the many Americans who are not in the know, to quickly locate and apply for theses funds for whatever needs they may have. Get started now in three easy steps! These funding sources and programs are now offering free grant money directly to individuals and businesses for all types of business ventures, education, medical bills, rent, home repair, home purchase down payment Money and many other personal needs! Regardless of Your Present Financial Situation. None of these Government Grants require collateral, credit checks, security deposits or co-signers. You can apply even if you have a Bankruptcy. A One-Time administration processing fee covers the access to the member's only resource site and updating of the grant opportunities on the members web site. We cannot offer this program to too many people. So you must hurry! Time is limited. Only a certain amount of people this month, will be able to secure a place in these programs Continue reading...

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System For Writing Funded Grant Proposals

Pamela Grow is a nonprofit marketing consultant, copy-writer, coach and author of Five Days to Foundation Grants'. She is the maker of Simple development systems which is up to date the only coaching program online and development shop intended to address the concerns of an overwhelmed fundraiser. Pamela has more than 20 years of experience in marketing, sales, politics, and philanthropy; her greatest joy stems from her ability to teach small community-based nonprofits the way to market like professionals with limited resources and time. The Grow report which is her weekly newspaper is available to more than 31,000 nonprofit professionals. The system for writing funded grant proposals is a structured personal writing method; it is completely equipped with every needed resource for foundation funding. The pre-written proposal ideas of funded grant proposals and the grant tracking system spares a person plenty of time and frustration in acquiring the funding the nonprofit deserves. The system enables you to be in charge of the operating budget, create more programs and to generate funding for your programming. The eBook is available for download and the entire collection targets nonprofit professionals or those disappointed by government funding after taking time to draft tedious proposals. Continue reading...

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US Grant Source Government Money

The current administration in the US is trying to jump start the economy by providing Financial Assistance programs to people just like you! These government funded programs give away thousands of dollars to honest Americans just like you. This money is awarded to hard working Americans who need some help to reach their goals. The funding opportunities have allowed people to go back to school, start a new business, pay medical bills and achieve their dreams. This program shows you the step by step process to get the funding that you deserve. . The next step is to see if you qualify. If you qualify for this program, it will help you find the funding opportunity that is right for you and show you all the steps involved in applying.

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Government Grants For Canada

If you are an Canadian citizen, you may be eligible to receive ten's of thousands of dollars in Federal, Provincial, and Private Foundation Grants. These grants do not require any collateral, credit checks, and best of all you Never Need To Repay Them. All Funding Opportunities Require an application process If you have not submitted an application for a government grant and someone claims you have been awarded one, it's a scam. Grant money is not given over the phone for a fee. In order to qualify for a grant you must apply for the specific opportunity that you are qualified to apply for. See if you qualify for our Grant Funding Kit. Search tjos database and apply for the right grant for you. All of the major news networks including Cnn and Msnbc have reported startling amounts of government grant money that reach into the hundreds of millions and sometimes billions of dollars that go unrewarded each and every year. This is money that is entitled to ordinary, hardworking Canadians just like you and is sitting there waiting for qualified applicants to claim their share.

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Council Of Athapaskan Tribal Governments

The Council is recognized as nonprofit tribal consortium that administers federal, state, and private foundation grants and contracts through the authorization of the tribally elected chiefs. With central offices in Fort Yukon, the Council employs members from each tribe. It is the largest employer of tribal peoples in the region, with over 60 positions, and manages an annual budget of over four million dollars. The Council is organized through a board of directors, consisting of the tribally elected chiefs from each community. Since the chiefs work directly with their tribal councils and within their respective villages, the input of the community becomes an integral part of the functioning of the Council. Public participation, community outreach, and educational awareness are essential parts of the operation. Board meetings are open to the public and held throughout the villages.

The DHS Waste Reduction Program

With the passage of Assembly Bill 685 (AB 685, Farr), the Department was endowed with funding to provide grants to promote the research and commercial demonstration of technologies for reduction, recycling and treatment of hazardous wastes. Since its inception in 1985, the grants program has undertaken 68 research projects through three annual grant cycles. A fourth cycle is presently commencing, with requests for grant proposals currently being solicited. Initially provided with 1 million in annual funding, the budget for the grants program has been increased twice to the current level of 1.8 million dollars. o Directory of Research and Technical Expertise (AB 2489) o ATS Report Production & Distribution o Applications for Federal Grants

Policy options for financing climate change technologies

Figure 24.6 shows the type of financing instruments required by stage of technological maturity. Companies in the early stages of development are heavily dependent upon government grants, angel investors and the personal funds of the technology developer. As a company takes its technology closer to commercialization, venture capital and private equity financing become more common, and then in the commercial stage, debt financing tends to dominate.

C34 Case study of Hurricane Katrina

Beyond the locations directly affected by the storm, areas that hosted tens of thousands of evacuees had to provide shelter and schooling, while storm damage to the oil refineries and production facilities in the Gulf region raised highway vehicle fuel prices nationwide. Reconstruction costs have driven up the costs of building construction across the southern USA, and federal government funding for many programmes was reduced because of commitments to provide financial support for hurricane damage recovery. Six months after Katrina, it was estimated that the population of New Orleans was 155,000, with this number projected to rise to 272,000 by September 2008 56 of its pre-Katrina level (McCarthy et al., 2006).

Box 72 The Dutch energy transition process

To be eligible for government funding these projects have to be part of a 'certified' transition path, and must have explicit learning goals for each of the stakeholders involved (EZ, 2004, p. 29). This reflects the underlying transition management theory, which 'strongly emphasises the importance of formulating explicit learning goals for transition experiments' (van de Kerkhof and Wieczorek, 2005, p. 734). In theory, the specific results of a transition experiment may be less important than the lessons learned. The decisive question is 'What have we learned and obtained, and how do we continue from there ' (Rotmans et al., 2001b, p. 24).

Notforprofit agencies

The term NGO also implies independence from government, which often enables NGOs to promote, or expose activities and events in ways the government cannot. NGOs, then, need to be resourced effectively. For instance, the budget of the American Association of Retired persons (AARP) in 1999, was over 540 million, and, in 2003, Human Rights Watch spent and received 21.7 million. As such, many NGOs rely heavily on membership funds, donations, fundraising, grants, and sponsorships to resource their activities. To some NGOs, it is important to maintain financial independence from government at all times. Greenpeace does not accept donations from governments or corporations, but relies on contributions from individual supporters and foundation grants. Nonetheless, many NGOs depend in part on government funding. For example, the British Government and the European Union (EU) donated a quarter of Oxfam's budget ( 162 million) for famine relief in 1998. Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) operates...

The First Leg An Examination Of Bod Loadings Before And After The Cwa Chapter

Biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) is a measurement that allows scientists to compare the relative polluting strength of different organic substances. The widest application of the BOD test, however, is for measuring wasteload concentrations to (influent load) and discharged from (effluent load) POTWs and other facilities and evaluating the BOD-removal efficiency of these treatment systems. From 1970 to 1999, 77.2 billion (as current year dollars) in federal grants and contributions through USEPA's Construction Grants and CWSRF programs was distributed to municipalities and states to upgrade POTWs and, among other objectives, to increase their BOD-removal efficiency. Did this investment pay off in terms of decreasing BOD effluent loadings to the nation's waterways The purpose of the first leg of this study is to examine nationwide trends in both influent and effluent BOD loadings before and after the CWA.

Legislative And Regulatory History

Since 1963, USEPA's Construction Grants Program has been responsible for elimination of vast amounts of untreated or partially treated wastewater entering the Connecticut River. The process of reducing the loadings and substantially improving the quality of the Connecticut River was significantly influenced by the 1972 CWA and the available federal funding. Subsequent to the enactment of this legislation, 125 new or upgraded treatment plants were constructed along the Connecticut River at a cost of nearly 900 million (Conniff, 1990). From 1972 through 1984, eligible projects were funded 75 percent by federal grants, 15 percent by state grants, and 10 percent by local financing prior to 1972, the federal share was 55 percent (CTDEP, 1982). Three secondary wastewater treatment plants in the Hartford area (Hartford, East Hartford, and Rocky Hill) were completed by the mid-1970s (Gilbert, 1991).

University of Cambridge

The other 25 colleges admit mainly undergraduate students but also allow postgraduates following courses of study or research. Although various colleges are traditionally strong in a particular subject, for example, Churchill has a formalized bias toward the sciences and engineering, the colleges all admit students from just about the whole range of subjects, although some colleges do not take students for a handful of subjects such as architecture or history of art. It is noteworthy that costs to students (accommodation and food prices) vary considerably from college to college. This may be of increasing significance to potential applicants as government grants decline in the next few years.

Resources for the Future RFF

By 2006, RFF had operating revenue of 10.6 million, of which nearly 70 percent came from individual contributions and private foundations, as well as the 25 percent that is generated from government grants. The rest was withdrawn from a reserve fund valued at over 35 million that was created to support the organization's operations.

David Suzuki Foundation

He founded the David Suzuki Foundation, in 1990, to identify and advance new ways for society to live in greater harmony with the natural world. Supported by donations from approximately 40,000 individuals from across Canada and around the world, and by grants from other charitable organizations, the foundation does not generally accept government grants (though some scientific research is funded directly through the National Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada).

Box 74 Vulnerabilities to extreme weather events in megadeltas in a context of multiple stresses the case of Hurricane

Beyond the locations directly affected by the storm, areas that hosted tens of thousands of evacuees had to provide shelter and schooling, while storm damage to the oil refineries and production facilities in the Gulf region raised highway vehicle fuel prices nationwide. Reconstruction costs have driven up the costs of building construction across the southern U.S., and federal government funding for many programmes was reduced because of commitments to provide financial support for hurricane damage recovery. Six months after Katrina, it was estimated that the population of New Orleans was 155,000, with this number projected to rise to 272,000 by September 2008 56 of its pre-Katrina level (McCarthy et al., 2006).

Jim Watson

These and other insights have led to a number of standard rationales for government intervention and or financial support for innovation. Most of these focus on the existence of one or more market failures (e.g. Scott and Steyn, 2001 DTI, 2003a). In the field of sustainable energy, two market failures are most commonly cited. First, that the social costs of carbon emissions from the energy system are not fully internalised. This means that technologies that emit less carbon are at a disadvantage. Second, that there is a tendency for the private sector to underinvest in R&D because individual firms cannot fully capture the returns from their investments. The corollary of these two market failures is a policy framework that emphasises market mechanisms (such as emissions trading) that price carbon emissions and some government funding for R&D. However, most analyses now agree that government technology policies have to do more than fund basic R&D and internalise the social costs of...


In recent years micro-generation has captured the imagination of politicians, the media and many citizens in the UK in a way that energy saving or efficiency never had. In early 2007, UK government grants for micro-generation technologies under the Low Carbon Buildings Programme were so popular that they were used up within hours of becoming available. Some have described micro-generation, possibly unkindly, as 'green bling' (meaning highly visible, attention-seeking adornments). It appears to satisfy both the modern desire to consume high-tech products and the wish to display a social conscience by doing something about climate change.

Obtaining Funding

An assessment team made up of financial and technical personnel helps to ensure that a sponsor's enthusiasm is balanced with objectivity. Even if a project promises a high rate of return, a small company may have difficulty acquiring funds for capital investment. In this case, the company should look to outside financing. It generally has two major sources to consider private sector financing and government-assisted funding. If the venture is prudent and cost-effective, many lenders will gladly provide loans for pollution prevention or waste reduction projects, particularly if they have already backed the company with other loans. Government grants and loans are also available for pollution prevention projects. If the project involves a new or unusual approach to waste reduction, the entire proposal may be funded by a research grant.

University of Leeds

The School of Earth and Environment was formed in 2004 from the merger of the previous schools of Earth Sciences and of Environment. The school currently has over 60 academic staff, 35 support staff, and over 50 postdoctoral research fellows and associates. It is one of the largest schools in the United Kingdom that focuses on a multidisciplinary approach to understanding environment the school studies the Earth from its core to its atmosphere and examines the social and economic dimensions of sustainability. The school offers both three-year BSc and four-year undergraduate degrees in geological, geophysical, and environmental sciences. The school also offers graduate degrees in Earth, atmospheric sciences, and sustainability research. The University of Leeds has recognized Earth and environmental systems science as one of its 12 gold research peaks of excellence. The school also has extensive ongoing research projects and collaborates with members of other departments and institutes...

Manabe Syukuro 1931

Born in 1931, Manabe graduated from the University of Tokyo in 1958. The post-war period was a difficult time for scientists in Japan. Manabe was among those who, like Akio Arakawa, found better career opportunities in the United States, where the Cold War kept steady government funding for fields such as geophysics and computer science. Manabe was hired as a researcher by Joseph Smagorinsky, then the director of the U. S. Weather Bureau near Washington, D.C. Sma-gorinsky wanted to develop the insights of John von Neumann and Julie Charney into a general circulation model of the entire three-dimensional global atmosphere, built directly from the primitive equations.

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