Increased Migration

A profound increase in the movement of climate refugees will cause greater tensions and perhaps violent conflicts between and within countries over uncontrolled immigration issues. Such massive migrations within a relatively short time are likely to be deeply problematic for the "host" countries for these climate refugees. In the Western Hemisphere, Americans may find themselves struggling to resettle tens of millions of their own citizens, driven by high water from the Gulf of Mexico, South Florida, and much of the East Coast reaching nearly to New England. Under severe scenarios, climate-induced migration could transform the ethnic character of major countries and world regions, especially the European Union. An influx of Muslims into Europe, for example, could lead to new tensions over foreign policy priorities toward Muslim countries or Islamist terrorism. Historical reactions to natural disasters, such as public rage at government's inability to deal with the abrupt and unpredictable crises, increased religious fervor, and hostility and violence toward migrants and minority groups, could dramatically worsen perennial tensions about immigration.

Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Preparedness

Remember to prepare for everyone in the home. When you are putting together a plan to prepare in the case of an emergency, it is very important to remember to plan for not only yourself and your children, but also for your family pets and any guests who could potentially be with you at the time of the emergency.

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