Wind Driven Circulation

WIND-DRIVEN CIRCULATION (WDC) refers to ocean currents initiated and propelled by winds blowing across the surface of the ocean. Wind-driven circulation is part of the complex system of energy and heat redistribution that helps to draw tropical heat away from equatorial regions to moderate the earth's climate.


Wind is caused by the uneven solar heating of the Earth's surface, which creates areas of high and low atmospheric pressure. Pressure differentials cause air to circulate from areas of high to low pressure. Solar heating is greatest near the equator, causing a region of low pressure. Rising air moves northward as cooler air from high pressure, mid-latitude regions moves towards the equator. The Coriolis Effect, the rotational action of the earth spinning on its access, deflects the winds towards the east north of the equator and to the west south of the

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Guide to Alternative Fuels

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