Waves Rossby

include the indirect effect of upper air patterns on lower air patterns through feedback linking all layers of the atmosphere.

Planetary waves (also called Rossby waves) form in the ocean and affect ocean circulation over longer periods of time—from one to 10 years.

sEE ALso: Waves, Gravity; Waves, Rossby.

BIBLioGRAPHY. Patrick L. Barry and Tony Phillips, "Planetary Waves Break Ozone Holes: Huge Planet-Girdling Atmospheric Waves Suppress Ozone Holes Over Earth's Northern Hemisphere," www.science.nasa.gov; Dora V. Pancheva and Nicholas J. Mitchell, "Planetary Waves and Variability of the Semidiurnal Tide in the Mesosphere and Lower Thermosphere Over Esrange (68°N, 21°E) During Winter," www.agu.org.

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