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the solar energy Industry Association (SEIA) is an American trade association for the solar industry, working to expand markets, strengthen and develop research, and improve education for the employment of solar energy. SEIA is affiliated with the PVNow coalition of photovoltaic companies, which aims to expand the North American-distributed, grid-connected photovoltaic market opportunities and eliminate market barriers. They are pursuing this goal through lobbying key state legislatures, utility rate-making authorities, and other state energy policymaking agencies. SEIA represents over 700 companies and 20,000 employees in the U.S. energy sector.

SEIA headquarters are located in Washington, D.C. The organization is divided into 14 state SEIA organizations. Members of the state organizations monitor and advocate in the state governments and also supply grassroots support for solar consumers

SEIA's mission is to reduce regulatory barriers to photovoltaic installations, increase photovoltaic markets across the nation.

and small businesses. SEIA chapters have up-to-date information on retailers and distributors in their area and frequently host workshops and discussion groups. SEIA's mission is to reduce regulatory barriers to photovoltaic installations, increase photovoltaic markets across the nation through meaningful and appropriate incentive programs at the state and federal levels, guarantee continuing federal research into high standards of photovoltaic devices, and supporting technologies such as inverters and balance-of-system equipment. SEIA campaigns for legislation in favor of renewable energy and technologies that could provide emission-free energy sources. It also advocates for a reduction of CO2 emissions.

Rhone Resch is the president of SEIA. Together with his organization, he applauded the U.S. Congress and President George W. Bush for producing the strongest national policy for solar power since the 1980s. The solar tax benefits in the 2005 Energy Bill were acclaimed by SEIA as an important victory and as the measure necessary to allow the solar industry to meet the challenge of playing a significant role in supplying energy for the United States. To Resch, the United States has the best solar resources in the industrialized world, and by choosing solar energy, Americans can make a real contribution to their country's energy independence: "Installing solar energy on your roof is one of the most meaningful steps an individual can take to reduce our reliance on foreign sources of energy and help declare energy independence. Now solar comes with a more affordable price tag, and more consumers will take a step towards energy independence by choosing solar power. That means cleaner air, more jobs, and greater energy security for all." SEIA also supports the Solar Energy Research and Advancement Act of 2007—legislation that Resch described as "helping solar energy to make major strides in contributing to a clean, domestic, renewable supply of electricity."

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Solar Panel Basics

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