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Changes in precipitation patterns foreshadow potentially substantial effects on ecosystems and human communities, including wetlands, lakes, rivers, agriculture, and domestic use. Measures to improve efficient water use, manage water demand, reuse water, and expand water resources can all improve resilience. Such measures include differential pricing structures, permitting, and requirements for water-conserving techniques. Adaptive water management, though still a developing field, is equally important. Experiences to date include the Murray-Darling Basin (Australia), and in the United States, experiences in hydropower licensing (Clark Fork Project), and management of the Platte River.

Early warning systems are essential to identifying potential climate-related threats, such as drought or hurricanes, and enabling timely and appropriate responses. Though developed countries have more sophisticated warning and response systems, developing countries have created a variety of cost-effective warning and response systems to cope with El NiƱo or to respond to hurricanes, typhoons, earthquakes, and other natural disasters.

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