Consequences Of Economic Activities

Michigan's human economic activities increase pressure on Michigan's environment and the global environment. Air and water pollution from industry, traffic, and greenhouse gases increase because of industrial and domestic fossil fuel combustion; soil erosion from fertilizers and farm runoff are the main consequences of human economic activities, which can be reduced by investigating and implementing alternative energy sources (such as atomic, wind, solar power, bio-fuels, and land-field fuel), developing new technologies (for example, solar and electric cars), and discovering new efficiencies in human economic activities. If the climate shifts even slightly from its averages, Michigan will face changes in crop yield, changes in pests population, a shift in forest composition and health, a loss of bird diversity, a change in local mammal populations (such as raccoons, skunks, white-tailed deer, and moose), a change in the distribution of fishes; spread of invasive species, release of nutrients and contaminants, change in groundwater recharge, and a change in lake levels.

sEE ALsO: Alternative Energy, Overview; Pollution, Water; University of Michigan.

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Natalia Andronova University of Michigan

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