Climate Change As A Merchandise

Programs about the environment and related issues have become merchandise that can be bought and sold by producers to distributors and television networks. As with any other program, the value of a one-hour feature on climate change will depend, among other factors, on the audience it gathered when it was first aired. Other elements are the year it was produced, the cost of its rental, and its original language (if a translation is needed). Some television programs are sold on videocassette or DVD for further uses, for example, as instruments of environmental education for use in classrooms.

Other events promoting awareness about climate change and global warming are specially conceived for television, like Al Gore's Live Earth Concert on July 7, 2007, which attracted an audience of two billion on radio, television, and over the internet. On that occasion, more than 100 groups and artists performed live in diverse locations, on all seven continents, including Antarctica. Many news reports mentioned the event and focused on the most unusual dimension, which was the musicians playing in Antarctica in front of cameras. The whole event was staged to attract media awareness and target a new audience for the cause of climate change.

Guide to Alternative Fuels

Guide to Alternative Fuels

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