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Within its different thematic groups in Senegal, ENDA has specific teams working on environmental schemes that highlight the effects of global warming in developing countries. The organization's Energy Program is centered around the use and development of energy in Africa. The program builds on the principles of research-action and training to contribute to the implementation of the UN's conventions on climate change and desertification in Africa, and to develop alternative energy technology, which will allow increased respect for the environment. The team is involved in collecting information on energy and carrying out projects on local, as well as regional, levels. Natural Plant Protection (PRONAT) is another action program concerning the environment, aimed at developing an African system of agriculture adapted to local resources. The scheme plans to raise awareness among farming groups and local authorities about the dangers linked to abusing chemical agricultural products, such as fertilizers and pesticides. PRONAT works with farming communi ties to develop and promote an alternative approach to rural development, which takes the environment into account.

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Renewable Energy Eco Friendly

Renewable Energy Eco Friendly

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