Ice In Lakes And Rivers

E.R. Pounder, The Physics of Ice (1965), treats concisely the structure and physical properties of ice. George D. Ashton (ed.), River and Lake Ice Engineering (1986), provides a comprehensive treatment of the general principles for engineering applied to river and lake ice problems. Bernard Michel, Winter Regime of Rivers andLakes (1971), treats freshwater ice. The essay by George D. Ashton, "Freshwater Ice Growth and Decay," in Samuel C. Colbeck (ed.), Dynamics of Snow and Ice Masses (1980), summarizes the general principles of river ice behaviour, including ice accumulation processes and thermal effects. For information regarding the geographic distribution of lake and river ice, the following works are useful: W.TR. Allen, Freeze-up, Break-up, and Ice Thickness in Canada (1977?); and, for the former Soviet Union, I.P. Gerasimov et al. (eds.), Fiziko-geograficheskii Atlas Mira (1964); and L.N. Mesiatseva, Atlas SSSR (1984).

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