11.1. Calculate a temperature profile in the ablation area of a glacier in a place where the ice is 500 m thick, the vertical velocity at the surface, w, is

0.25 ma—1 (upward), fo is —0.017 °C m—1, and the temperature at the surface is —20 °C. Assume that w decreases linearly with depth.

11.2. Using Equation (11.9b) and an initial condition in which 9 = —20 °C at the surface, varies linearly to —10 °C at a depth of 4 m, and is then independent of depth to a depth of 15 m, calculate a temperature profile for the end of June

(t = 2 year). Use k = 16 m2a 1 and a sinusoidal variation in temperature with time at the surface, with 9r = 18 °C. The initial condition applies on January 1 (t = 0). Compare your solution to the analytical solution given by Equation (6.31).

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